Unique Sculpture & Industrial Art Furniture  

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VW Beetle Sofa 

Unique sofa created using salvaged quad link drive chain, lifting chain, rear seat vw beetle 1965ish    

H: 81cm (32")  D: 76cm (30")   L: 183cm (72")  150 KG



Hardwood Coffee Table

 Unique table created using drive chain and salvaged wood 

H: 42cm (16")  D: 62cm (25")  L: 124cm (49")  60kg




Mahogany Pie

Small side table made with salvaged mahogany wood and chain link

H: 51cm (20")  D: 56cm (22")  39KG




Old School Chain Chair

A beautiful chair made from salvaged chain link in the style of an old school chair

H: 84cm (33")  D: 54cm (21")  W: 48cm (19")  KG




Copper Top Table

Stunning copper topped table with rotatable top, created using salvaged cog segments, rail clips, bearings & old boiler skin 

H: 53cm (21")  D: 85cm (26")  L: 91cm (36")  KG



Glass Top Chain Table

Coffee table made using salvaged drive chain, chain link with a glass top

H: 36cm (14")  D: 53cm (21")  L: 142cm (56") 125 KG







Chain Horse Head

Horse head on a stand made using salvaged chain

H: 210cm (83") D: 61cm (24") W: 61cm (24") 80KG